Purification: It’s Importance and Significance on the Transformational Journey

Purification on the Transformational Journey

What is the Transformational Journey. The Process of Awakening The Soul From Ego Identification.

You are here to enable the Divine purpose of the Universe to unfold. That’s how important you are.

– Eckhart Tolle

The purpose of life is to evolve into the fullest living expression of your unique essential self. Imprinted within each of us is a spiritual blueprint that contains all that is needed to execute and fulfill your unique design. The Transformational Journey is the process of expanding your awareness to convert this inherent potential into usable abilities.

Everything you will ever need is already hard-wired within—it is everyone’s Divine inheritance. By cultivating the desire and intention to pursue the Transformational Journey is to awaken the fullest power of this consciousness.

Self-realization is the knowing—in body, mind and soul—that we are one with the omnipresence of God; that we do not have to pray that it come to us, that we are not merely near it at all times, but that God’s omnipresence is our omnipresence; that we are just as much part of Him now as we ever will be. All we have to do is improve our knowing.

– Paramahansa Yogananda

How You Know You’ve Started The Transformational Journey

Start Transformation

Never look down to test the ground before taking your next step; only he who keeps his eye fixed on the far horizon will find his right road.

– Dag Hammarskjold

The hallmark of having embarked upon the Transformational Journey is that “everything looks the same” but “nothing feels right” anymore.

This first milestone of transformation is the recognition that there is nothing within the scope of ordinary life experiences that brings you consistent peace or enduring happiness. The recognition that everyday life is a series of stressful tensions and chronic recoveries is the beginning of a search for ‘lasting release’ from these ever-present demands.

To be in a continuous state of frantic pursuit seeking tension releases is like being on a seesaw. For every high that is experienced, there will be a corresponding low as a result—which just amplifies the chronic and often debilitating state of feeling frustrated at the lack of lasting relief.

After seemingly exhausting all available ordinary external possibilities, there is a recognition that real change is necessary. This is the catalyst of awakening, the moment of looking deep-down-inside, where the answers have always resided and your true power abides.

The permanent solution to life’s seemingly endless ups and downs is based on a very different life premise. It is a radical shift in understanding of how you invest your time, energy and resources.

To grow from the out worn safety of the known and to awaken into your vast unknown potential is the Transformational Journey. Like all journeys whether inner or outer, the first step is the most challenging. It requires great courage and steadfastness to succeed.

Do the thing and you will have the power.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

What Is Purification

What is Transformation

To design a future that is different from your past requires the freedom to direct your life energies into clarified intentional choices more aligned with your true essential nature.

Your true essential nature is whole, healed, happy and healthy—expressing unlimited joy and peace. This is the state of congruency.

Congruency is when our inner ideals meet our outer actions. It is living in integrity; melding our values into visible and tangible deeds, with our conduct and intentions united in a clear purpose.

Living a congruent life requires constant vigilance and modification towards correcting the direction in which we are headed. First, there must be sensitivity and awareness of what we are doing and the quality of the results that are achieved. Then, we can create a greater willingness to evolve and quicken our development through merging our outer actions with clarified inner intentions.

The Obvious And The Elusive

Why is this prospect seemingly so elusive and rarely, if ever fully realized?

This is because each of us is the sum total of imprinted patterns of beliefs, thoughts, experiences, circumstances, actions, and so much more. These deeply engrained patterns have directed your life’s design. It may be likened to an old phonograph record with many grooves that have stamped specific melodies. By placing the needle onto the recorded grooves, a particular song plays. In a similar way, when your patterns are activated, a ‘grooved’ response generally plays out—over and over again. Habituated patterns preclude the power of choice. Without choice you are stuck repeating the old patterns which both distorts and blocks the power and potential of your true nature.

Purification is the means by which the layers of old patterns and blockages are dissolved. so that your true self is expressed with more ease and grace.

What Are Blockages?

Blockages are the residue of significant mental and emotional experiences that you have not assimilated and thus remain as undigested impactful information that clogs the free flow of every aspect of your life.

Life can be an ever steady stream of disappointments, frustrations and setbacks. Without the ability to accept these experiences as opportunities to grow, they become stuck spots. Layers of these trapped undigested emotions—stored as memories in your subconscious mind—shape your choices and mold your actions, keeping you mired in the past traumas that obstruct new possibilities.

Purification is the means by which traumatic imprinted experiences are converted into positive information and higher consciousness thus rendering greater freedom, peace, empowerment and joy.

The Steps Of Purification

Steps of Purification

Retracing: Letting Go Of The Old To Allow In The New

Purification involves the process of retracing—a progressive revisiting of the layers of past traumatic experiences. It is like going up the same staircase we went down—step by step.

Like the unwinding of a tightly wound rubber band, this retracing process releases the layers of stressors that have blocked the free flow of your full life expression. Layer by layer, retracing makes available more of your essential nature. By dissolving these blockages you are able to more closely align your actions with your new clarified intentions. Out worn patterns begin to fall away by attrition.

The awareness that retracing and purification are in motion can vary greatly depending on the intensity of the prior experiences being purged. Generally, this process is considerably less intense than the original imprinted trauma. Most often there is an inner knowing that what is arising is from past patterns that are no longer necessary.

Quality Appreciation Time: Keeping Your Attention Free, Relaxed And Flexible So Real Change Can Take Place

Quality appreciation time is an important component of allowing the new awareness’s that are emerging through purification to be recognized and integrated gracefully into new patterns of choice.

Quality time means that you are able to unplug from all other habitual distractions and focus solely on yourself—no cell phones, music, TV, reading—not driving, cooking or working on the computer. Just being alone, by yourself, in a quiet, peaceful place where you will not be disturbed—just you, by yourself, for yourself—for the purpose of going within to see yourself as you truly are and to understand the changes taking place within you.

To fully benefit from the intensity of purification on your Transformational Journey and to ensure the best and highest gain in empowered choices and expanded consciousness requires daily, adequate time alone. To the degree you are sensitive to and participate with your daily needs for rest and integration time is to the degree you will be more stress free.

Without adequate self-appreciation time during periods of intense purification demands, an overload condition of stress can develop.

Taking adequate, compassionate self-care of yourself is one of the most life enhancing support systems you can adopt. A calm heart and a quiet mind are precious. Your peace in body, mind and soul are priceless. Taking extra, extra good care of your whole being is a gift to yourself that defines the quality of your life.

Three additional keys to successfully navigate this Transformational Journey are: patience, persistence and practice. Patience is the ability to recognize that this is a journey, not a destination. There will always, without exception, be room for improvement and adjustments.

Persistence is the same as endurance. Anything that can pass the test of sustainability is the bedrock of your journey. Steadfast determination is the most valuable investment you can ever make—it is your greatest asset and will continue to pay dividends and interest back to you.

Practices convert the theory of transformation into tangible form. The most important practice is the one you are most needing in the moment that supports and accelerates your growth. Life will provide you with unlimited opportunities to practice the development of your wisdom, intelligence and insight.

Supporting Yourself On The Journey: Changing The Interpretations Of Your Life Experiences

Universally, we have all had experiences in our life that we wish had not occurred. Interestingly enough, it is not the experience itself that we wished we didn’t have, but rather the way in which the experience was interpreted by us which has caused us “a problem.” Two people could, and often do, experience the exact same circumstances and have two very different interpretations of it. Each individual’s beliefs dictate how they see the world. These are our individual “rule books” we use to interpret each life experience. We are only one of the many authors that have contributed to our book of rules. Our parents, teachers, religious leaders, politicians, friends, other family members and the media are the most common contributors. The list of contributing factors to our individual rule book of life is both long and complex.

The interpretations of your perceptions determines how you see the world. The Universe doesn’t distinguish between a five carat diamond and pure carbon—to the Universe it’s all just carbon atoms coalesced into objects. However, as a culture, we have conventional beliefs that value the diamond greater than pure carbon. It’s all a matter of interpretation, beliefs and perceptions. Which version you are referencing defines your “reality.”

Your entire life is influenced by these filters that affect every one of your decisions, actions and thoughts, and determines whether you view each of your life experiences as good or bad, right or wrong, pleasant or unpleasant, etc. The list is endless as the process is continuous. Just as an experiment, simply “listen” to your own self talk (inner voice) relative to any simple choice you need to make. Pay careful attention to all the voices that have an opinion on one relatively simple decision.

Now, you can appreciate what the “inner voices” have to say when an emotionally charged condition arises, for example, when your feelings are hurt, disappointed or misunderstood—or when you haven’t gotten the support, trust or love you desired. The list is as long as your life’s timeline and as unique as your signature.

Life’s curriculum isn’t if these events, circumstances or experiences are going to happen to you, as they will—but rather how you are going to deal with them when they do arise. Whether these wounds continue to take up negative energy and space in your consciousness—influencing all the important areas of your life, including relationships, work, money, intimacy, and creative expression—is a choice you get to make. Learning to forgive is one of the quickest ways to bring about a positive change in how you perceive these past experiences, creating a better outcome in your life.

Forgiveness: Key To Melting The Blockages Holding You Back

Anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die

– Nelson Mandela

Forgiveness infuses you with resilience, increases spontaneity and releases all that no longer serves your best and highest good. One of the primary keys to a life of peace where you can experience being powerfully loving and lovingly powerful is through the expanding ability to embody forgiveness. Forgiveness is often misunderstood as “If I forgive this individual for this violation, then it means that they are exonerated, off the hook, from being responsible for their actions.” This is neither an accurate nor valid definition of forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the ability to relinquish your attachment to your responses that are costly to you energetically and very expensive to maintain and sustain in your memories. Forgiveness is the reconciliation in your heart that everyone, no matter how heinous the violation, was doing the very best they were able to do at the time. Forgiveness is letting yourself off the hook of holding onto an energy drain that no longer severs your highest purpose. It is a willingness to release yourself from a debt that doesn’t need to be paid. Forgiveness is a key component to purification on the transformational journey.

See this article for actual Forgiveness Practices that are simple to do, and can accelerate and ease your Transformational Journey.

How You Know You Are Purifying

How You Know You Are Purifing

The process of purification and the experience of stress are often interchanged but much different. Sensitivity and discernment are required to differentiate your immediate needs and the most appropriate course of action to rebalance yourself, both in times of stress and during the purification process.

Purification is the process of removing the residual blockages of your patterns in order to live a more congruent and complete life, with new found ease and comfort. It is the means by which you are able to assimilate significant emotional experiences which you have not been able to digest and integrate into your being. It is the process of bringing all the many divergent aspects of yourself into a coherent radiant wholeness.

Stress is the result of emotional and or physical tension that challenges your ability to manage life’s demands and frustrations. Stress is the gap between the way you would like things to be and the way they actually show up in your life. Stress levels measure your capacity to accommodate to change.

Purification and stress both require that we are sensitive and compassionate to our immediate needs to self-regulate and retain balanced.

An analogy for the purification process might be of a clogged drain pipe in which the water is unable to flow freely. When you begin to unclog the drain, the first things to come out are the debris, unpleasant gunk. And yet with persistence, the clog is freed and clear water starts to flow. So too with our clogged gunk. The first debris that comes up can be unpleasant. And yet there is always a free flow awaiting on the other side of purification.

10 Signs Of Purification In Process:

  1. One’s reactive patterns are amplified
  2. Becoming overloaded more easily
  3. Retracing old patterns of distress, frustration and resistance to change
  4. Greater awareness of your habitual patterns for coping with change
  5. Priorities are changing and deeper fundamental considerations are being reevaluated
  6. An intuitive knowing that something important is missing in your life
  7. Previous friendships no longer fit and new relationships are sought
  8. Needing more Quality Appreciation Time
  9. No longer willing to accept the unacceptable in any aspect of your life
  10. Increased desire to take better care of yourself

The Significance of Purification on the Transformational Journey

How You Know You Are Purifing

The most significant contribution any of us can make in our lifetime is to take the mindful stewardship of our own life. This means that we remain sensitive and aware enough to end our own suffering by stopping the internal conflicts that chronically demands our attention.

On this journey, you:

  • Become sensitively aware that your daily challenges cannot be resolved through your intellect and reason alone.
  • Start to recognize that your life is very complex and the old patterns of living are no longer adequate to meet your goals.
  • Realize that a more comprehensive and holistic approach is required.

As you continue to evolve and accelerate your growth, the greatest contribution you can make in your lifetime is to bring peace to your own life—and thus become a direct transmitter of peace to others.

All challenges require the recognition of interconnectedness of everyone and everything. Everything you think, say or do counts—effecting the entire web of life. That is how significant your life is!

Some Stepping Stones Of The Transformational Journey

Stepping Stones of the Transformational Journey
  • You are your greatest asset in your life.
  • The only ignorance is not using your innate power.
  • Honor the nobility that is you.
  • Live with gratitude and appreciation for the opportunities that have gotten you this far. Depend more on your intuitive guidance and less on outside circumstances.
  • Keep your eyes focused on the brightest and farthest star—knowing that everything that has ever been made visible is the result of a higher force.
  • Persevere.
  • Depend more and more on your inner strength and not outer security.
  • Keep loyal to that which is sacred to you.
  • Stay detached and relaxed as you observe the parade of life pass before you.
  • Stand unwavering and unshaken in spite of any information to the contrary that may seem threatening.
  • Never cower to imaginary fears.
  • Covet your energy, as it is the fuel that ignites your visions.
  • Embrace love, for it is the greatest healing force in the universe.
  • Be calm and use your time wisely (we don’t know how much any of us have left).
  • It is only love that refines and soothes out our rough edges.

Understanding is the most precious possession of each soul. It is your inner vision, the intuitive faculty by which you can clearly perceive the truth—about yourself and others, and all situations that arise in your path—and correctly adjust your attitudes and actions accordingly.

– Paramahansa Yogananda


Cheryl A. Malakoff Ph.D.

Cheryl A. Malakoff, Ph.D., has been a teacher, therapist and student of many classical therapeutic models and spiritual traditions for over forty-five years and has relentlessly pursued the most effective teaching and treatment methods to restore optimum wellbeing. In addition to being trained as a traditional Doctor of Psychology, she has extensive and advanced training in energy medicine methods and treatment systems. These include over thirty years of experience with the Transformation Lessons—a pioneering method of movement communication that activates and deepens special abilities inherent to the human-spiritual template, radiesthesia (remote/distance conveyances), meridian therapies (Emotional Freedom Technique) and kinesiology, as well as epigenetics and psychoneuroimunology (the study of the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body).