New Frontiers of Wellness

New Frontiers of Wellness

The Influence Of Psycho-Genetic Information On Our Health and Wellbeing

The history of science in general and medicine specifically has been driven and defined by the ability to observe. Before the advent of the microscope in the early 1600’s, the idea of the ‘cell theory of life and the germ theory of disease’ was only a vague speculation. With the enhanced ability to perceive the microscopic world of cellular structure and function, medicine took a quantum leap.

So too, with the development of x-rays in the late 1800’s, medicine improved its ability to see into the body without the invasion of surgical dissection. And with the medical introduction of CT scans in the 1900’s, this innovation also heralded in a new age of mapping the body and significantly influenced the capacity to diagnosis and treat disease.

Each expansion in our ability to observe has been the precursor to an age of discovery and innovation that has ultimately brought life–saving benefits to millions of people.

Every quantum leap of expanded scientific observation has exposed layer–by–layer Nature’s secrets—and revealed the laws of scientific healing. Each new revelation has extended the field of knowledge, resulting in making the invisible world more observable and accessible. The result has been powerful breakthroughs in treatment protocols—savings lives and restoring hope to once hopeless conditions.

Once again, there is an opportunity to explore the new frontiers of mind-body-energy healing. Epigenetic medicine states that the most significant and potent leading edge of healing will ultimately come out of the ‘epiphenomenon of matter’—the arena of consciousness, as the most seminal, formative, and primary organizing force. Consciousness lies behind, and ultimately organizes all matter. As consciousness is directed, energy follows—and where energy is focused, matter responds.

Everything in the Universe is made up of matter, energy and Intelligent Consciousness, and is in a constant state of vibration. The frequency of the vibrations defines the level of consciousness, its potential and function. Transforming levels of consciousness by converting lower energy states into higher-order conditions can initiate an elevated level of healing potential. Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity, E=mc2, helped us understand and proved that energy and matter are unified as one interchangeable building block. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but rather only transformed. Thus, the ability to harness and direct higher–order energy has immediate and direct treatment implications and targeted healing applications.

Today’s leading edge scientists studying the impact of subtle energies assert that modern medicine lags behind quantum physics in accepting that the entire universe is one indivisible, dynamic whole, and that energy and matter are undeniably entangled—making it is impossible to consider body and mind independently. The most accurate comprehension of health and disease can no longer be seen in a limited linear mechanistic understanding of the infinitely complex information–energy exchanges involved in body–mind functioning.

Therapeutically Resolving Imprinted Traumatic Memories

Therapeutically Resolving Imprinted Traumatic Memories

The human body, through a subtle and complex organization, is made up of interdependent communication programs and information systems. Every bio-chemical category—hormonal, endocrine, genetic, immune systems and others—resonate and transmit signature codes and distinct energy frequencies relative to their specialize functions. When the bio-systems are synchronized and work in harmony with the ‘design specifications,’ health is maintained. And conversely, when the genetic ‘software’ codes cannot be read by the inherit ‘operating system,’ or, if there is a ‘bug’ in the program, blockages result. Blockages obstruct molecular communication pathways resulting in inaccurate messages with undesirable consequences.

Nature communicates and connects through the medium of energy—the ubiquitous dimension of the body–mind. Energy carries information that vibrates through resonance, changing amplitude and frequency that is capable of coding information to be stored and applied. Resonance implies vibration. Every biological component of the body from cells, cell units and organs, to complex systems such as cardiovascular, respiratory or neuromuscular systems are resonating in continuous streams of vibratory information. The basic requirement for complete health is the unobstructed interconnection of subtle information-loaded energies to all body systems. When these connections are impaired by physical damage, emotional trauma or ancestral imprinted blockages, the body’s systems are vulnerable to breakdown.

New clinical findings predict that the underlying formative influences of invisible energy fields in managing health will be the foundational principle in medicine of the future for prevention and treatment. To alter our biology requires new treatment models that embody two essential principles: first, that everything is composed of matter, energy and intelligence that resonates at a specific vibrational frequency. Healthy cells, tissues, muscles, organs and systems, for example, resonate at a higher frequency than dysfunctional disease conditions. And second, by introducing living systems to higher–order energy that carries conscious information, precise effects may be achieved by matching specific frequencies targeted to a desired outcome.

This is the treatment potential of information transduction. Information transduction is the transformation of information—the conversion of lower energy levels into higher energy resonant frequencies. Information transduction is the means by which new vibrational messages can inform, direct and express specific communication instructions to targeted biological systems.

Clinical Interventions and the Energy Field Influence on Psychobiology

Clinical Interventions and the Energy Field Influence on Psychobiology

Consciousness is foundational to all life. Science has demonstrated that we are not limited by our genetic inheritance, but have an infinitively flexible state of Intelligent Consciousness capable of catalyzing unlimited desired outcomes.

Traditional models of treatment have limited impact on challenging health conditions because they may not be able to reach the core source of the underlying condition. Western medicine almost exclusively addresses the level of physical matter and symptom management. Traditional Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture and herbs, concentrates on energy levels, defining the development of disease in terms of life-force obstructions. Psychology and other related systems operate at the mental and emotional levels. However, the deep roots and hidden seeds of persistent degenerative conditions may be created in an embedded level of consciousness—as transgenerationally inherited memory imprints that remain out of perceptible awareness.

Many currently used therapies see the body or mind more mechanically and take a divide and conquer approach—treating parts and pieces only. Few treatment approaches recognize or treat diseases comprehensively on multidimensional levels of consciousness, energy and matter. A singular model, in which core psychogenetic etiologies are recognized for the purpose of effectively transforming the underlying transgenerationally inherited patterns is required. It is imperative that this more inclusive and unified model of body, mind and consciousness is utilized to integrate every aspect of the human template to optimize facilitation of treatment and prevention.

The history of healing models has evolved from Newtonian mechanics dominated by rigid materialism and a mechanistic worldview to more contemporary genres of healing that espouse mind-over-matter as the dominate contributing role in healing transformation. However, today’s leading edge scientists are emphasizing the ‘field-of-healing’ as an indivisible, dynamic unity of energy, matter and consciousness that are inseparable. Addressing biological activities at this undividable level—at their energetic foundations, can regulate physiological processes as an integrative system of body, mind and consciousness. This current healing system introduces ‘consciousness over mind and matter’ as a ground-breaking healing template.

The objective of Wellness Through Awareness is to introduce and utilize ‘consciousness over mind and matter’ through information transduction as the primary transformational system.

The Wellness Through Awareness Transformational System treats at the level of causation by addressing the root underlying energy patterns of an individual’s core blockages where the seeds of the conditions originated. This model, through the processes of information transduction, energy conveyances and purification, dissolves the obstacles at the formative levels, resulting in potential transformation in previously blocked areas of encoded inherited traumatic memories and imprinted unconscious conditioning.

These inherited traumatic memory imprints act as communication blockages causing matter, energy and information to fragment and separate. This fragmentation sets in motion a disintegration of matter, collapse of energy and catastrophic breakdown of information. This is the root cause of underlying conditions. When matter, energy and information are reunified, aligned and congruent, the result is a higher capacity for wellbeing and greater restoration of balance.

The basis of this transformational model is specifically encoded energy circuits of consciousness that address the ‘how and why’ the underlying conditions were originally created as ancestral imprinted traumatic memories. This transformational system, through a process of energetic transmissions and purification, dissipates the blockages at the formative blueprint level.

How The Wellness Through Awareness Model Works

How Transformation Works

Just as the earth is encased in an outer atmosphere that supports, protects and sustains life on this planet, so too, the human body has a subtle energy field surrounding it as well. This invisible field, though imperceptible to the senses, is an information conduit that converts vital life force into energy the body can utilize to heal and rejuvenate.

The physical body is animated and organized by information-energy fields. All forms of biochemical regulation are expressions of this energy and information. The progenitor of all conditions is an obstruction to this energetic flow.

The unified model of Wellness Through Awareness is based on several underlying principles:

  • The nature of our body-being is a complex, highly ordered, intelligent system.
  • The physical body is animated and organized by information-energy fields.
  • All forms of psycho-biological regulation are expressions of the interchange between energy and information.
  • Consciousness is the ultimate, universal life-substance that manifests in infinite degrees of density and in endlessly varied forms and as such, the soul, mind, heart and body are one communication network and can not be treated separately.
  • Everything resonates at a specific vibrational frequency and by matching the frequency and information of a specific resonance, the outcome can be a transformed effect.
  • The progenitor of all conditions is an obstruction to this energetic flow in the field of consciousness.

Healthy systems resonate at a higher frequency than underlying disturbed conditions. By dissolving the blockages of the causal imprinted energy patterns—transgenerational inherited memory traumas—transformation becomes possible.

New Frontiers in Wellbeing

New Frontiers in Wellbeing

One of the formative challenges facing modern medicine is the need to understand the interactions of psychogenetic inheritances and biochemistry. Even though science has mapped the human genome, the current understanding of its vast interactive functions still remains uncharted. Each innovate contribution reveals Nature’s previously hidden laws of health and wellbeing. This is a new era of possibilities in which the role of energy medicine stretches the boundaries of the previous traditional disciplines revealing new dynamics. As such, Epigenetic medicine is today one of the most active areas of scientific research studying the full spectrum of environmental and informational influences related to every aspect of our lives.


Cheryl A. Malakoff Ph.D.

Cheryl A. Malakoff, Ph.D., has been a teacher, therapist and student of many classical therapeutic models and spiritual traditions for over forty-five years and has relentlessly pursued the most effective teaching and treatment methods to restore optimum wellbeing. In addition to being trained as a traditional Doctor of Psychology, she has extensive and advanced training in energy medicine methods and treatment systems. These include over thirty years of experience with the Transformation Lessons—a pioneering method of movement communication that activates and deepens special abilities inherent to the human-spiritual template, radiesthesia (remote/distance conveyances), meridian therapies (Emotional Freedom Technique) and kinesiology, as well as epigenetics and psychoneuroimunology (the study of the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body).